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Theme search: Cindy in danger, Lindsay comes to the rescue
Cover for Secrets
Hello everyone,

this time I'm not looking for a specific fic, but recs from the 'Cindy gets kidnapped, Lindsay sets out to rescue her' category. All ratings are welcome, bring it on ;)

It's been said that this scenario happens quite often, but I'd like to know just how often.

Thank you all!!

Another Fic Finding Mission
WMC Thomas

Ok so I'm still looking for demeter94 's request but can anyone help me. It's a four part series and Cindy and Lindsay fall though a floor and the are both having issues with the aftermath? I think 'Hell' is somewhere in the title.

Lindsay/Cindy: 'cop wife'
Cover for Secrets
Help please... we've been searching for this fic and it's enough to drive a person crazy.

So this is a fic where Cindy is cooped up at home, in protective custody or something, and she says something along the line that she hasn't been a good cop wife in a while.


Unsolved Cases?
WMC Thomas
Does anyone know the exact amount of unsolved cases that Lindsay has? I think it might be 7, but I can't remember if this is fact or not.

(no subject)
WMC Thomas
Just a quick question...

Does anyone know who wrote and where to find a story that has Lindsay beating the hell out of someone who was trying to intimidate/blackmail her in the police garage with her handcuffs wrapped around her fist.

Thanks in advance. 

Welcome to wmc_findit !
Cover for Secrets
Less than one year and a half after the first episode of Women's Murder Club aired, there have been lots of fanfiction and vids created. Don't you sometimes wish you had Cindy's eidetic memory and remembered any title and where to find them?

I guess by now most of us have wanted to re-read a fic of which we could remember parts, but maybe not the title or author. Some of our favorite vids have vanished.

The purpose of this community is simple: Find it.

If you want to read WMC fics with a certain theme, this is also the place to look for recs.

Questions about WMC are never off-topic. wmc_findit is for pooling resources, for fans and fanfiction readers and writers. To achieve that, we need... you! The more fans are on the community, the more likely that questions get answers.

We are still a small fandom, so someone's bound to have come across that fic or vid. Please take a minute to look at the couple of rules we have on the userinfo, and now, without further ado:

Welcome to the party!

From your hosts qbeck and demeter94


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